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Updated: Apr 11, 2019

This website is NOT about losing weight. Let me repeat that: this website is NOT about losing weight… at least not for me.

It's about me no longer hiding behind the weight.

It's about me being vulnerable and real and just having fun with who I am right now. It's about me having the courage to step into my vulnerability and stepping into it with a person who I feel safe with, at least to start.

As Brene Brown puts it, "Vulnerability is hard, and it's scary and it feels dangerous, but not as hard, scary or dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and having to ask ourselves, what if I would have shown up."

This website is about me showing up.

Most people who know me say I'm a pretty happy person. And that's true. But I've spent most of my life hiding behind my weight. I tired of it. I want to show up. I want to be happier ;-)

I think many of us have something that we're hiding from.

If you are hiding behind something, I hope you take a leap. Enjoy life. Quit worrying about stuff. Stop hiding. Show up.

Here’s a quote…

“Take a deep breath and think about this. You are older than you’ve ever been before and younger than you’ll ever be again. Life is happening right now. Imagine the horror of being so consumed with perfectionism and people pleasing that you forget to live this fun, juicy life. Imagine rocking in a rocking chair and looking back, while thinking you never allowed yourself to buy that beautiful dress, go swimming in the ocean, even let yourself have a big belly laugh because of the circumference of your belly or the size of your thighs. You never let yourself share your gifts that the world really, really needs because you were scared about what someone else, with their OWN securities, would think about you. You look back one day and realize that you never really lived because you used your weight as a barrier you could hide behind. Don’t let anything be an excuse for shrinking from your power and denying yourself joy. Because the more powerful we feel, and the more joy we experience right now, the easier it is to create a beautiful life and to live that life inside a strong, vibrant body.”

This is a quote I read last year that hit me hard. It’s what gave me the courage to start Camp Atta Girl!

I put myself out there with Camp Atta Girl! I put myself out there when I became a teacher in Let Your Yoga Dance. I feel like this is the next step for me. So I’m stepping out and showing up with these videos with the support of the guy who’s been with me through every single move on the scale for the past thirty years and who has loved me through it all. If we lose weight great. If we don't, that's great, too.

I’m hoping these videos will help you do something you’ve always been afraid to do. If there's any kind of shame in your life... step out, show up.

Step out and be you. Find your joy, creativity, belonging, love. Share your gifts with the world. Share yourself with the world.

No more hiding.

Let's ALL step into our light and show up!

P.S. Don't tell Bart, but this is also a way for me to help him get healthy. Both of us having fun, both of us working at getting healthier. Both of us showing up together. We may not lose anything. But we're going to have fun. And we're showing up!

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