About Us

We were Bart and Lisa long before the Simpsons and the other Bart and Lisa ;-)

We've been married for 30+ years. We have a son named Tiger (yes, his real name.) who's a junior in college. We have a daugher named Teddi (yes, her real name, too), who is a sophomore in high school. We also have a frou-frou poodle named Roxie and a cat named Skeely (don't ask).

We've lived in Orlando (FL), Syracuse (NY), Gray (ME), Charlotte (NC), Fort Mill (SC), Dripping Springs (TX), Bradenton (FL) and now back to Dripping Springs - just outside Austin.

We don't know why we have this website other than the fact that "bartandlisa.com" was available and we consider that was a sign from the universe. Or not.

Lisa: What's the purpose of life?
Bart: To go on as many rides as you can until the park closes.
Here's a picture of Tiger and Teddi :-) 
(Every year, Lisa likes to torture the family into choosing their words for the year and then making them do some kind of odd photo.)

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